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There is nothing like it! Rossite goes further and cleans drains better. Will not crystallize.

Rossite is made from an exclusive and PATENTED formula that has been developed for the particular use of the plumbing trrade. Plumbers prefer it because Rossite boils its way through obstinate stoppages with a Rapid Triple Action that does twice the work in half the time...and without disagreeable odors.

Scientific tests prove that Rossite is better!

Tests prove Rossite is the only product on the market that will, when activated, maintain a temperature of 200 degree F or more for over 12 minutes! This is the real secret to Rossite's success.

Rossite is poured directly into the drain. Followed by a little water, it will open and clear stoppages caused by hair, lint, vegetable matter, grease, ets. Also very effective for thawing frozen drains, stacks and flush tanks. Will not harm enamelware, pipes and connectors.

Do not use in disposers or on aluminum. Always flush with cold water.

The Legendary Rossite Granulated Drain Cleaner

Danger Contains Caustic Soda!
This product is produced soley for use by professional plumbing contractors and specifically should not be used by unqualified consumers.

Those who resell this product should be covered by their OWN product liability insurance.

Item IDDescriptionQuantity
80-401 Rossite Granulated Drain Cleaner-12 only