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Presents the

Five Steps to Effective Inventory Control Using the Stock Service System™

by Hodes Company

STEP ONE-Choose Which Products You Will Initially Stock

Using a highlighter marker on our catalog you will identify the items to be initially stocked. In addition you will write down the minimum and maximum quantity next to each item, as well as circling your initial order quantity.
Click here to download or print a sample page of what a highlighted catalog page should look like.

We do have a recommended listing of 580 repair parts to assist you when choosing which items to stock that fit easily, with room to add more items, in 12 each (37-3/4" wide x 7' 1" high x 12-1/4" deep) heavy gauge flexible steel bins. Products include toilet repair, toilet seats, tubular, stops, connectors, valves, all types of fittings, compounds, tools, faucets and trim, disposers, pumps and faucet repair. Most customers make changes to the listing to fit their needs.

After you finalize your minimum/maximum stocking quantities for each item, we then begin work on determining the most efficient bin box size, where the bin location will be(by product category first, then in item# order to expedite put away when we ship future product in the bin location order), and schedule a mutually agreeable delivery date usually within 30 days of receiving your item list.

STEP TWO-Clear out a 15' X 12' Area
Locate and clear a 15' X 12' area for your Stock Service System™. The heavy steel bins are delivered fully assembled including the bin boxes in place with your customized, bar coded and illustrated label, in your choice of color, which will also show your minimum/maximum stocking quantity on the front of each bin. All products, on the initial and all future orders, will be delivered in bin location order for easy and efficient put away.
Click here for a sample photo of an assembled bin facing.

The bar code scanner(with wireless capability) is very durable. We install the software for free and have it ready for you to use when the bins are installed. The bar code scanner training takes about 15 minutes and is VERY user friendly.
For a photo and full description of the scanner please click here.

As product leaves the bin(whether from the shop or individual truck) the barcode is scanned from the bin or the product(just like at a grocery store), the quantity taken from the bin is then entered and stored on the scanner until, at the end of the day, week or whatever time period you'd like, the "upload to server button" is selected which immediately sends the stored items and quantities to our warehouse printer for same day shipment if received before 2:00 p.m central time.
A confirming e-mail is sent to you in seconds with the order details and then, later that day, another confirming e-mail is sent with shipment details and the "click-on" tracking number for your packages.
All your item usages and order history can be accessed 24/7 at www.HodesCo.com by clicking here

Expect to save time placing orders (push of a button), putting material away (items are delivered to your door in your bin location order for quick put-away), and reduce your tech's downtime spent looking for the needed product (each product has it's place).

STEP FIVE-Never own "Dead Stock" again(at least that you purchase from Hodes Company).
You can send back to us any products that you stop using up to two times per year for full credit to guarantee the value of all products purchased for the system.

This is an easy to use system that pays for itself in a very short time because it not only saves tons of time ordering and receiving all the many parts and supplies but also allows you to keep a lot less inventory on hand by allowing paperless, efficient, weekly(or even daily) ordering of material.

For more information about the
stock service system™ please contact Joe Hodes.

Joe Hodes
President-Hodes Company
800.777.6500 ext. 222
cell 816.914.5858
fax 800.982.5934
2751 Gillham Road
Kansas City, Missouri 64108