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How did we do handling your order?
Email us at Sales@HodesCo.com or directly to
Joe Hodes at Joe@HodesCo.com and let us know.
You always do a great job with our orders. They are complete and arrive in a timely manner.

Anthony A. Bosleyg
I placed my first order with Hodes Company. The order shipped the same day. I have ordered from a lot of online and catalog companys over the years. I am used to getting packages that are beat up with smashed product inside. I have learned to live with it. When I received my shipment it was in perfect shape. Everything was labeled and in perfect shape. It was obvious that the person that packed this order has pride in the job they do. The initials at the top of the order are MP. Please let them know what a great job they do. I will be buying from Hodes Company again.

W & W Plumbing
I don't think that QSC Industry Partners get near enough credit for what they do for us contractors behind the scenes and outside the Power Meetings.

I wanted to take a minute to publicly thank the Hodes Co. for all the help they have given us over the last couple of years. Scott has helped us with our inventory, the Stock Service System, and helped us get our warehouse even more organized than it already was. He is always there to help and answer any questions but is never pushy or demanding with his sales.

We just got in 4 logo mats from Hodes, which look absolutely amazing! Talk about an easy, relatively inexpensive way to impress customers and brand your company! We have also just ordered their custom valve tags which again will feature our logo.

They are even helping us with our latest company newsletter. We’re featuring their green drain cleaning products; Bio-Ross and Rossane in our newsletter and they were happy to give us use of their literature! They were more than happy to help!

If you haven’t had a chance to speak with Scott, Richard, and Joe, give them a call. They are definitely there to help you, customer or not. It’s worth talking to them.

Missy Kulp
Bob Frank Plumbing, Inc.
Three months ago we locked up our inventory (it was a opened store before). Our plumbers now do not have access to this inventory. We are in the process of hiring a inventory control person.

We also obtained the Hodes Inventory and Software. I am happy to tell you that our material costs have dropped quite a bit and we enjoy the organized bins Hodes brought out. Scott and Louise have been very helpful and a pleasure to work with.

Alex Sarandos
Service Manager
WJ Maloney Plumbing

Go for the Hodes Stock Service System. It certainly has made my ship and stock control easier for a 2 man shop

Herb Bell
Bell Plumbing, Heating & Oil Burner Service, Inc.

I am a big sports fan and listen to a lot of sports radio. A question that always comes up is "If you were to start a baseball team who would be your 1st pick? I don't know the answer to that, but I do know that if I was to start a plumbing company today my supplier would be the Hodes Company. Great company but better people.

Bob Macca
Macca Plumbing

I want to let other Successware users know that the "Hodes Team"  helped me make the order process from Hodes Company using the Successware software quick, easy, and accurate.
Once a purchase order has been generated from the purchasing wizard in Successware, two clicks on the “order status” tab and the order is sent via email to the Hodes Company.  Shortly after  placing the order we receive both an order and shipping confirmation via e-mail.  The setup for this was very easy.  Hodes Company has a great system in place - ordering from Successware to Hodes is seamless.

Bill Chronister
Saddleback Plumbing

Regarding the Hodes Stock Service System, we just completed our second year with the system and in 2006 we bought less material and increased profit for material sales over $40K.  It is great to see the system is paying off big time!!!  Anyone who is remotely interested in controlling inventory and putting more dollars in your pocket should check it out.

Tom Mahoney
Mahoney Plumbing

We have been using Hodes for close to a year now and it has worked well.  The scanner saves so much time and our order can be placed over the internet with the click of a button.  The packaging and customization is unsurpassed.  The cost of the materials is acceptable and actually worth the time saved.  We use these prices in our pricebook.   
 As a side note it also gave us the opportunity to clean out our old inventory and give us a fresh start.  So far we are only using it for our warehouse but this year we hope to harness the inventory in the trucks as well and don't foresee any problems once we commit to it. 
The Hodes Co. and Scott have done a good job of supporting the program and quickly eliminated any early problems we encountered.  I would highly recommend that you at least discuss your needs with them.
Kevin J. Carney
Carney Plumbing, Heating & Cooling Inc.

Before the Christmas and New Year madness really kicks in, I would just like to say a big Thank You! for all your help and patience in the past few months. I was given a mandate about six months ago to start and operate a plumbing supply store to support two of our own companies, as well as for plumbing trades people. Most of the store is set up, stocked, and we are in business. The products I have purchased from Hodes Co. have met or exceeded my expectations, I can’t complain in the least. In the New Year we will embark on a local advertising campaign part of which will feature Hodes products.

I look forward to next year and the opportunity to grow our sales along with yours.

Best wishes, 
Brian T Weakley  CI
Technical Services Manager

I agree. We have had great success dealing with the gang from Hodes. As a matter of fact, I just sent an order in and a few seconds later I had an e-mail back from them confirming the order with my prices.
Bottom line - The Hodes system has reduced my inventory, made the inventory so an apprentice with little to no knowledge (of anything!) can put the stuff away. We also run out of items a lot less.
First class company, first class people....I think I'll keep them!
Good luck,
Dave Singleton

We have also have been using the HODES inventory system for a little over a year now.  The customized labeling and the bar-coding have increased the efficiency of our entire parts department.  Scott Ziegler handled the entire set up and is always there when support is needed.  The entire Hodes Group is very dedicated to helping "US" succeed !

John Haley
Operations Manager
Moyer & Son, Plumbing - Heating - Air Conditioning
Souderton, PA

I, too, have been set up with HodesCo’s inventory system for just over a year now. I can’t say enough good things about it. I’m just a small shop but have found that it saves lots of my time by keeping me out of the supply houses more. It’s also nice knowing it’s at the shop, which is usually no more than a couple of miles, rather than the supply house which is at least six miles. The people in HodesCo are the most helpful people you could hope to have to work with. They care about us clients a lot more than my local wholesalers. Their deliveries are prompt and accurate. Whenever someone steps into my shop they immediately notice the system and comment on the professional nature of it. Bar coding is a nice twist on an old process. I could go on and on but I won’t. Definitely check in with Scott Ziegler and let him do his thing. You will not be disappointed.

Herb Bell
Bell Plbg, Htg, & Oil Burner Svc., Inc.
814 Rt. 28
Harwich Port, MA 02646

John I see that you are looking to add an inventory control program to your warehouse, i can't say enough good things about hodes they are the best system out there that i have come across and let me tell all of you there is no way that any wholesaler can do as good a job as hodes because that's all hodes does and they are perfecting there chosen craft. I encourage you to give them a call and talk to scott he really does understand the needs of the contractor.
Eric Brockmire -- Brockmire Plumbing
You should definitely look at Hodes Company there inventory control system far exceeds anyone else in our industry. If you want to talk about how there system works feel free to e-mail or call me.

Meaghan Bohan
Service Manager
Tindall & Ranson Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc.

Thanks for your great service and fast shipping. Your large inventory and fast shipping allows me, as a one man ship to not tie up a lot of cash in inventory. The private labeling gives me the professional edge I need to offer superior products & service.

Thanks again
Scotts Plumbing Service
Scott Jordan

Hi Everybody!

We are JUMPING around here! We just added a new plumber and are looking at another. I'm up to my elbows in orders for our HVAC guys and still trying to finish the price book updates! I'm glad I use you guys for so much of my material. You're my lowest maintenance vendor!

Scott Mendrek

Click here to listen to Dave Singletons Comments about Hodes Company's Stock Service System™.

My name is Darren Moyer from Fred J. Moyer Plumbing. I am sending a list of labels that I need for those awsome connect a box bins. I have 2 trucks that I am stocking and would like 2 labels of each printed. Thank you very much.

No problem Darren, if you don't have an order in-house, we'll mail them out to you ASAP.

I do have an order in. If you can't get them with it in time thats fine. I am so impressed with all of your products we have purchased so far.The customer service is outstanding. We used to use another companys products for years. I really like the packaging and labeling that you provide! Thanks for being there!!



John- We just love those plungers. We sponsored the putting green hole at a golf outing. These will surround the hole!!!!!!!!!!!!!



I would like to thank Joe, Richard, Marty, Steve and everyone else at Hodes Co for helping me set up my Stock Service System. I have been useing the system for about two weeks now and I think it is great. Very simple to use, quick and easy. I have never been this organized in my life! In fact one of my old suppliers recently asked me why I had not been in lately. To anyone who is thinking about signing up for this service but has not done so, I would say make the call, you'll be glad you did.

Lowell Thiesen,
Thiesen Plumbing Inc.

Hodes co.

Re: Call to your 800#
Your employee, Tanya worked with me to locate the laundry faucet I needed & had been unable to loctate any where.
When the faucet arrived it was exactly what we needed. I want you to know what a special employee you have in Tanya. In this day it is hard to get the service she provided.

Thank You,

Joyce Chapman

You guys have great products.

Thank you.
Scott Jordan
Scotts Plumbing Service

Hello All- this is great! Thanks to Hodes Co and expecially Scott and Marty, I have a warehouse system that really, really works! Right in the middle of everything Scott and Marty had me up and running in short order including stock set up, software, bar code scanner and instruction. Thanks to the people at Hodes I can finally scratch this project from my master to do list.

Carl Hansen
Hansen Co Plumbing, Inc.

To whom it may concern,

I received my order today with promptness. I must say we here at KB are extremely impressed. What professionalism. To have each part tagged with our part numbers for our techs ease is truly amazing. Not to mention the ease of restock. You people go the extra mile. Not only will I continue to order from you, but I will be ordering more as well as sharing with my competition the excellent job you do.

Thanks again for such a great job.


Trent L Cowing

KB Complete, Inc.

WOW. This is so much better than the old site. It used to take at least 20 minutes to place an order and now it will take less than 10 with the new quick order pad.

Master Tech Plumbing

We use the Hodes Company which private labeled their catalog with our colors, phone number, etc. We set the price multipliers and they printed their catalog with our pricing.

With Hodes' one year price freeze, I won't have to worry about fluctuations from suppliers. Our technicians have found them very easy to use. Since we use the Stock Service System™, they barcoded each item to make it easy for us to order the odd-ball, non-stock items.

Tom Mahoney
Mahoney Plumbing

(Illinois PHCC)

"If you are not doing business with the Hodesco you are making a huge mistake. They have quality products and packaging. I can order on their website 24 hours a day and receive my order the next day. They make it easy for me to do business with them."

Steve Jany
Plumbing Contractor

(E-Mail, verbatim)

Thanks for the great service your company provides.

Jeff Wise
Wise Plumbing

(E-Mail, verbatim)

I am a one man plumbin' army, your private labeling makes me look very professional & your products prove it!! Thanks for the great service..

Newman Plumbing

(E-Mail, verbatim)

Hi Everybody!

Someone must have already sent our logo to Marty because you put them on the valves just like I wanted. I appreciate you going ahead and sending them on without having to ask for clarification; it shows how strong our relationship is that you know if there is some confusion, it wiil be worked out without any difficulty. Please tell the person who packed that last big order that they deserve the Bronze Star for Extraordinary Packing for the job they did for me. The order was packed in two manageable boxes in reverse order so that the items on the top of each of the two pick tickets were at the top of each box. I almost got all misty...;) Thank you very much for your extra effort!

Scott (John Baethke & Son Plumbing)

"I've been more than satisfied with your products and service. I'm looking
forward to doing more business with your company in the future."

Brad Curtis, Owner
Landmark Plumbing and Heating
, Virginia

If you should have any questions or comments for our staff please e-mail us at: customerservice@hodesco.com.

Again, thank you for your interest in our Catalog, we know you have a choice; Thank You for choosing Hodes Company!!